Censorship and Internet Essay

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“Do you love the open and free internet? If you do, tell congress not to censor it and fight for freedom of internet” Google stated on January 18th 2012 when congress obtained thoughts about censoring the internet to avoid piracy. Countries all over the world are censoring the internet and are violating what should be everyone’s rights (according to the tenth amendment). The internet should be kept uncensored for a number of reasons. The internet provides a great source of preserved information and benefits us greatly overall. It also helps by making us globally aware of world problems and have even sometimes have flexible work schedules. This privilege should not be taken away from us unless a completely unanimous decision is made.
In an age where information is currency, censorship towards other information can help bring down dictators, create new kings, and ultimately decide someone’s life. When governments block out this information, they’re basically saying that they know they’re going to crumble with just one tiny fact and/or opinion spread over the internet. They also waste millions of dollars by having to check the billions of sites that are created each day. By keeping the internet uncensored governments are showing us that they trust us with the right power of knowledge. Websites like Wikipedia and YouTube that pool in knowledge should not be censored just because governments think they’re “pirating information” and/or videos. While it may be true in some cases however those cases are extremely rare and practically never happen with such “hardcore monitoring”. Overall, I conclude that the internets’ information should not be censored because it largely benefits both the public and the government.
By keeping the internet uncensored citizens are able to become more globally aware and even decrease the unemployment rate. By allowing people to get an internet that shows different perspectives of the story, citizens of whatever country are able to reason and make-sense-of global situations better than those who only obtained one side of the situation. They are able to think more approachably and are able to obtain keen comprehension skills that are important to help pass any citizenship’s test while immigrating. If every country were to have a form of internet censorship, human connection would have declined, and immigration would’ve dropped to zero on some countries and gained exponentially on others based on what information a government chooses to censor. It’s like giving you the option