Censorship: Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner and Brain Wash Essay

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Nadia Toth
Mr. Sherwin

Censorship is the act of censoring something because of maybe racism, something the government doesn’t agree with, or because of something someone else doesn’t agree with and think is harmful to others. Fahrenheit 451 had censorship with books because they felt like it would bring people to the realization of the truth of the world and they would figure out the truth behind the lies that they’ve been telling to brain wash the society to think what they are going is correct. Unlike with Fahrenheit 451, some censorship is for good like R rated movies being restricted for under aged children, or censorship on some cartoons. Some cartoons in the past have been censored because of maybe inappropriate content, or because of some things that children shouldn’t have to see like racism. One cartoon that has been censored is The Little Rascals. The little Rascals was censored, because Bill Crosby thought it was racist because one of the children named “Butt Wheat” was being made fun of because of his accent, when coincidentally he was also black so it could also be mistaken as racism. This censorship was taken personally too many African Americans, causing Bill Crosby to buy the rights to the show and censoring it causing no one to be able to see it on television. Another cartoon that has been censored was a Looney Toon called Zipping Along staring Wile E Coyote to be blasted by a row of rifles. Unlike The Little Rascals, this was censored because they felt that it was too extreme for children to take, considering there is an animal being blown up because of nothing. Another cartoon containing Wile E Coyote was one when he tried to blow up Road Runner, but Road Runner always got away. This was also in the terms of extreme violence for children, because again Road Runner was innocent, but Wile E Coyote was trying to kill him for no reason, which is a bad influence on young children and can make them do, or think, catastrophic things in the future, and it would be influenced by a children show/cartoon. Lastly with Cartoons, the episode “one beer” in Tiny Toons was censored because of underage drinking. Also it was censored because there was DUI and death involved and many people didn’t was their children exposed to their children. That episode was an example of censorship, because it is inappropriate and a bad influence on the children who could’ve been watching the show and it could’ve had them make irresponsible decisions that could’ve been life threatening and