Central Carolina Community College Career Analysis

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After spending all of high school preparing for the rigorous college work load, moving into a dorm, and starting over--never did I think I would change my plans so drastically. At the start of senior year I quickly realized the difference between the plans of my peers and those I had set for myself. The event that changed my life was a conversation I had with my cross country coach of four years, a constant mentor through my high school career. A conversation I could not shake due to its value. The conversation reminded me that the only shoes I needed to fill were my own and as long as I was still moving towards progress, no decision was a bad decision. This sort of reassurance brought mental comfort and confusion all at the same time. How was it that the goal I worked towards my entire life, was now nothing like the original …show more content…
At first, I was shocked at the offer since it seemed too good to be true. I could continue running with a familiar coach, stay close to family, and be less of a financial burden. The more selfish parts of me refused to believe community college was a good idea. I felt that I had worked too hard, lost too much sleep, and painted a picture of my future that did not match what life was giving me. I spent months thinking of what I would decide and how this decision would shape my life. After weighing my options and spending a total of three months mentally going back and forth I decided I would put any pride aside and give community college a chance. My whole life had been dedicated to the progress of my community along with breaking stigmas. Now, having the ultimate opportunity it would be shell shocking to surpass the offer. Ranking in the top ten percent of my graduating class, managing a job, and succeeding as a student I could now also call myself a community college