Central East And South Afric Fill In The Blank 45 Points)

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Central, East and South Africa (Fill in the Blank 45 points)

1. Trade and Migration
Trade connects people across great distances and leads not only to _____________ exchange but also to _____________ exchange. Trade was the most important source of _________ in Africa. Language, religion, scientific ideas, technological innovations, and political theories travel along the same routes as ______________.

2. Bantu Migrations
Also around 2000 BCE, an even larger migration got under way–that of the Bantu-speaking peoples based in the forested lands near the Niger and Benue Rivers.
The Bantu, who were primarily _____________, spread south and east, blending with local hunter–gatherers who inhabited the areas that they settled. Historians debate the causes of the Bantu migrations but many attribute the movement to ___________________. As the Bantu peoples spread, they carried ____________ with them. Over time, the descendants of the first wave of migrants would push farther south, spreading their _____________ and _____________ throughout the region. In time, as more people settled along the coast, they, too, would become traders.

3. The Rise of Kingdoms (15 points)



Great Zimbabwe:






4. African Kingdoms Timeline

1st century: Somali people meet _______________ and ________________ during migrations to Northern Africa and adopt _____________________.

4th century: _________________ location is so prosperous because of its location near the Mediterranean Sea, outside traders and Africa.

8th century: Arab traders continue to push _____________________ through Africa conquering Axum. However, Axum relocates into Christian ___________.

10th century: ________________ spread along Swahili Coast. This influenced ________________________ and ____________________ change, that led to an _________________________.

11th century:________________________ thrived from trade on the coast with Arab, Persian, Chinese and Indian merchants. This formed over a _____________ port cities and lots of various trade items.

14th century: Great Zimbabwe becomes center for ___________________ trade. This was a major economic shift and welcomes trade with the _________.

15th century: Great Zimbabwe experiences a decline because there was a shift in trade with gold to trade with _____________________.

True or False: (30 points)
Highlight the correct answer. If the answer is true leave it as is, if it is false correct the statement to make it true.


Cause: Bantu-speaking peoples migrated from the Niger and Benue River Valleys.
Effect: Bantu culture, including