Central Processing Unit and Cache Memory Essay

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Homework 4 – Computer Memory

1. A bootstrap loader is a program that runs before any other program can run. It is stored in ROM so it can be used when the computer has been switched on and off. It gives the processor instructions on how to find the operating system.
3. Bootstrap loader.
4. The use of the cache memory makes the processor more efficient by reducing the time it takes to get instructions from main memory. This in turn makes the computer faster.

Homework 5 – Performance

1. Cache memory cuts the time it takes for the processor to get instructions from main memory thus making the processor faster and more efficient.

2. No it is not, several TEACHER UR A DIK DO U EVN LIFT?
3. ther factors such as processor speed and memory capacity need to be assessed.

4. Measuring the number of FLOPS is a better approach than measuring MIPS as it can take up to 5 seconds to carry out an instruction.

4. They measure the time to do set tasks which gives a clear indication of how good a computer is compared to others.

5. So that the computer can print etc smoothly and not have to wait too long.

6. It might not have a big enough address bus thus not be able to use the big data bus to its full potential.

7. The bigger the word size, the higher number you can represent through binary.

8. MIPS affects system performance by determining how many million instructions a computer can carry out in a second.

9. A cache makes the computer run smoother by making it quicker to get instructions