Central Street Clinic Case Study: Substance Abuse

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The Department will close the case after the family assessment, as there are no concerns of abuse or neglect at this time. Jennifer is the primary care taker for the children as Dashiel is out of the home 12 hours per day working. Jennifer ensures the children are medically up to date, attends all school related activities, ensure the children are at school, with homework completed and on time for school. Jennifer has maintained sobriety for over 7 years after becoming addicted to oxycodone after dental work. Jennifer has attended a weekly women's substance abuse group, at Central Street Clinic, in Somerville for over 7 years. Elizabeth I. Malvey, RNCS, at Central Street Clinic reported, Jennifer has never in the 7 years had a positive drug screen. Elizabeth reported she has known Jennifer since she began the program at Central Street, and Jennifer has been attending weekly groups, and has remained serious with following through with suggestions. Elizabeth reported, in May 2017, Jennifer made the decision to attend counseling instead of the weekly group, because of insurance she could not do both, and has been seeing Sara Ward, out patient therapist at CHA weekly. …show more content…
Simon's, his Primary Care Doctor, at Cambridge Health Alliance, in Revere, since April 2017. Dr. Simon's reports Dashiel has tested negative on all drug tests since April and at this time he feels that substance abuse treatment is not needed. Dashiel is also on probation at work due to his arrest and has agreed to random drug tests at work as well, preformed by American Drug Testing in Medford. To date, Dashiel has been asked twice to provide random tests and both were negative. Dr. Simon's has prescribed Dashiel Buspar, to assist with Dashiel's anxiety, which Dashiel reports is one of the reasons he was using