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As the CEO of Chipotle, we take pride in making sure all employees, Officers, and Members of the Board of Directors adhere to the Company code of conduct. “Chipotle is committed to the highest standard of integrity in all of our activities and compliance with both the letter and spirit of the law.” (Chipotle, 2012)
Developing Codes of Ethics
According to Wallace, "A credo generally describes the highest values to which the company aspires to operate. It contains the `thou shalts.' A code of ethics specifies the ethical rules of operation. It's the `thou shalt not’s." In the latter 1980s, The Conference Board, a leading business membership organization, found that 76% of corporations surveyed had codes of ethics. Some business ethicists disagree that codes have any value. Usually they explain that too much focus is put on the codes themselves, and that codes themselves are not influential in managing ethics in the workplace. Many ethicists note that it's the developing and continuing dialogue around the code's values that is most important. (Extracted from Complete (Practical) Guide to Managing Ethics in the Workplace.)
Key Areas
Chipotle’s code of conduct is something all employees should strive to incorporate into their daily operations. There are a few key areas that can have a significant impact on our business; these key areas are compliance with the code and ethical communications.
If you become aware of a breach or violation of this Code or any other Company policy, you should report the breach or violation in the manner described in this Code under “Chipotle Confidential.” Chipotle will do its best to protect the anonymity of any reporting employee who so requests it, as well as the confidentiality of matters associated with a report or investigation, consistent with the Company’s obligation to investigate reported matters and comply with applicable law.