Cern: Elementary Particle Physics Essay

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Hard to write my opinion about the video, which is essentially the only justification for money spent to the big science project.

I believe that the main task of this story - it's popularization for usual people of elementary particle physics as a science.

When I been at the Institute, I studied physics of elementary particles, so most of the terms I was know.

The first thing that impresses - scale. Especially the number of people who worked on this project and dimension of the collider. 27 kilometers of scientific equipment: sensors, cooling systems, cables, magnets, etc. And all this must be coupled with absolute precision. Since the one miscalculation can lead to a collapse in the final test. But they did it. Hadron Collider started and successfully completed the first series of tests.

The main question that tried to answer the young and smart physicist Brian Cox – Why? Why it was necessary to spend a lot of money on a study that cannot generate income in the future. That's right - the majority of research projects are now commercialized. And I was pleased to hear that this project was allocated a lot of money from different countries that have been spent on "pure science”.

Brian has a difficult task, to tell ordinary people in plain language, what they do with the help of the LHC. And he was great. I love the speakers, which combine a sense of rhythm of the story with the addition of jokes and good examples of life. Through such techniques I memorized