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CERT 303

Diversity is the difference between people, be it gender, race, age, nationality or sexual orientation. Equality is treating people equal and the same regardless of their diversity. Inclusion means that all people are included and made to feel welcome and valued, and that steps are made to include people who normally are excluded due to their diversity, for example, non-Christians at Christmas. Discrimination is where people are treated worse than others due to their diversity
Discrimination can occur in a work setting. An example of this is employees who do not have children being forced to work at Christmas in favour of those who do. Employees can be discriminated against intentionally in a workplace, be it for their nationality or race. An example of this would be having people from a certain nationality working on a certain unit due to the workload being higher, or being forced to work more unsocialable hours. Practices that support equality and inclusion will reduce discrimination as people will be more understand of others. These practices will also include a complaints procedure, which will reduce people being discriminated against.
Legislation that applies to my job role regarding equality, diversity and discrimination relate to the Equality Act that came into force in 2010. It states that no individual shall be treated in a prejudice way due to their age, race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. This also includes a disciplinary and complaints procedure. Discrimination can be challenged in a way that promotes change by using the complaints procedure. Anyone violating the discrimination policy will be giving training on equality and diversity, which will promote change.
Sources of information relating to discrimination and equality and diversity can be found in the policies and procedures book. Information can also be found on direct.gov, the government’s employment website. The Citizen’s Advise Bureau can also offer advice and guidance with this. This information can be accessed at any time, but best when an employee feels like they are being discriminated against, or if they feel another employee is being discriminated against.
A possible consequence of not actively complying with legislation and codes of practice is that a work force can become divided amongst itself, which can and will affect working practices. An example of this would be if only people from certain nationalities worked together. This would leave the workforce split, and could possibly cause issues if people from different nationalities are required to work together. This would ultimately lead to poorer quality of care being delivered.
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