Cetaphil Target Essay

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Cetaphil Target Profile Demographics
She is 18­39 years old, non white, married with medium to high income (+50M) and graduated from college or more. Psychographic
She likes to take care of herself and would describes her personality as brave, affectionate, efficient and organized. Since she has a family, she doesn’t have too much time for herself; however, whenever she has some ‘me time’ she would read a book or listen to an auidiobook.
She doesn’t collect items, but every now and then she would buy a wood or metal sculpture to decorate her home. She is perfectly happy with her standard of living. She goes shopping frequently as she likes to keep up with the latest fashion and she finds inspiration in magazines for what she will buy.
She is the fashion leader amongst her group of friends and she is willing to spend more than what she can afford to get the clothes that she wants. She likes to get a new car every 2­3 years, but thinks than foreign cars are more prestigious than American cars. She uses her cellphone to keep updated with news and close to her friends and uses a lot of the information from it to decided where to go or what to do on her spare time. She likes the latest technology and is even willing to switch carriers for that reason. She would be interested in receiving advertising in her cellphone and also would be interested in a service that could allow her buy products in the store with her phone. Beauty and health are very important to her. She is willing to spend a lot of money to make herself look younger. She is in control of her weight and is willing to try any new diet. She wants to be informed about the ingredients in her food before buying it and she would even give her friends advice on health and nutrition, since she is the first one to try new health food. She cares that others notice that she is environmentally conscious. She is more likely to buy a product from a company that is environmentally friendly and she believes that eco­friendly products are higher quality. She would even choose methods of transportation that are friendlier to the environment. Media habits and online behavior
She reads women’s magazines (Allure, Elle, Marie Claire, Latin Style, Essence), as well as health conscious titles (Self, Shape, Health) and