Essay On Family Violence

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Theories on Family

Why Research This Issue
► It

is important because if offers a way to reconcile our personal reality with experiential reality
► Replication lessens the possibility that research will be biased by political or personal bias
► Crime is a social problem that may better be understood through scientific inquiry Quantitative Research
► Typically

measures data through


Crime surveys
Crime reports
Statistical measurement of court performance Scientific method


Qualitative Research
► Looks

at the phenomena in a natural setting and incorporates the examination in the research
► Provides data about the characteristics of the research
► Looks at relationships
► Interviews
► Looks at the subjective links between variables Violence occurs within
Society/Why Should We Study
Why It Happens
► We

all get angry.
► We don’t want to feel helpless.
► There is no single theory for law breaking ► We all have lost control of our emotions at one time or another.

► So

we can understand behavior, not excuse behavior.
► Other reasons?

What makes you feel angry?
► What

are your physical manifestations? ► What

are your emotional manifestations? ► Take a minute and identify your physical and emotional manifestations.
► Why

does this matter?

Macro Level
► Social

interactions are not random.
► Members of family act purposefully to accomplish goals of society.
► Often times traditions and generations of family values shape the accepted roles within a family.
► The larger view of society and the influences that determine behavior is macro. ► Thus Macro looks at the big picture

Micro Level
► Any

act that occurs between individuals is applied to the whole of the society to form a theory.
► Breaks it down into a smaller level
► This is the micro level which looks at psychological and individualistic theories. ► Most domestic violence theories are examined from this prospective.

Sources of Data
► Crimes

Against Society – surveys of persons age 12 and older regarding victimization. 48 questions on the questionnaire ► Law enforcement data – FBI gathers data across the nation and compiles reports ► Court Data – Arrest through final disposition are tracked on a federal level Theories on Family Violence Macro
► The

Foundations of Criminological theory 

Classical School

Positive School

Conflict School

will look at the micro explanations within each theory……

Classical School
► Individuals

choose to engage in crime.
► People possess a free will and have the ability to reason
► People are hedonistic (pleasure seeking) ► Written law helps people know that if they break the law, there will be a consequence Classical School
► The

punishment must fit the crime
► The punishment must be administered swiftly ► Minimal force should be used for lesser crimes ► Applying a law to domestic violence brings it to the forefront, and makes it a crime that can be controlled

Classical School/Rational Choice
► Criminal

Behavior is a Choice
► People calculate the costs and benefits of behavior and choose to commit crimes including domestic crimes
► May not be rational, but draw on previously established beliefs about the crime

Classical School/Deterrence
► Punishment

must be swift and certain in order to deter the crime
► Mandatory laws for the arrest of domestic violence
► Works better with those who have something to lose

One example is Drug Court

Critique of Classical School
► To

► Reactive rather than preventive or proactive ► Doesn’t protect the victim
► No allowing for mitigating circumstances/ “You do the crime, you do the time.”

Positive School Theory
► Important

to identify the cause of the crime through scientific advances.
► Causes of crime are biological, psychological, and sociological.
► Very scientific theory.

Biological Theories
► Controversial
► Limited

application to family violence
► Criminal