Essay on Cfi Oral Plan of Action

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CFI-I Oral Plan of Action
Discussion of the elements related to Basic fundamentals of Fundamentals of Instruction, Technical Subject Areas, Preflight Planning.

Fundamentals of Instruction
Certificates and Documents Airworthiness Requirements
Weather Information
IFR Cross-Country Flight Planning
National Airspace
Technical Subject Areas
Regulations and Publications
Operations of Systems
Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, and Navigational equipment
Instrument Cockpit Check
Air Traffic Control Clearances
Lost Communications

Schedule: FOI 0:15 Review 0:45 Technical subject areas 1:00

Dry erase board, markers, Pilot Operating Handbook (POH),
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* Hyperventilation. * Middle ear and sinus problems. * Spatial disorientation. * Motion sickness. * Alcohol and drugs. * Carbon monoxide poisoning. * Evolved gases from scuba diving. * Stress and fatigue. * Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments and Navigation Equipment * Flight instrument systems and their operating characteristics to include⎯ * Pitot-static system. * Attitude indicator. * Heading indicator/horizontal situation indicator/radio magnetic indicator. * Magnetic compass. * Turn-and-slip indicator/turn coordinator. * Electrical system. * Vacuum system. * Electronic engine instrument display. * Navigation equipment and their operating characteristics to include⎯ * VHF omnirange (VOR). * Distance measuring equipment (DME). * Instrument landing system (ILS) * Marker beacon receiver/indicators. * Automatic direction finder (ADF). * Transponder/altitude encoding. * Electronic flight instrument display. * Global positioning system (GPS) * Automatic pilot. * Anti-ice/deicing and weather detection equipment and their operating characteristics to include— * Airframe. * Propeller or rotor. * Air intake. * Fuel