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A Hijacking FS Screening
The Film was “A Hijacking” and I saw it on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The film is about a crew of seven men on a Danish cargo ship that gets overrun by Somali Pirates. The negotiation between that of the CEO of the cargo company and the Somali Pirates was the basis of the entire film. The purpose of the film was to bring to reality the hardships that people who have been in this situation of hijacking and held for ransom. The Screenwriter I think really wanted the movie to be as natural and as realistic as possible. The screenwriter and director made this movie as realistically as possible buy filming on an actual boat, in the ocean. Instead of using digital backdrops (green screen) the filming was actually on board a boat. The audience was a fly on the wall, of something that happened in real life. The weird camera angles and the almost insufficient lightening helped to reinforce this fly on the wall behavior. In the story line, there was no real protagonist who tried to fight off the pirates. Which gave all the power to the pirates that took over the ship. This loss of power between what we would call the “good guys” and this constant tension between the crewmembers and the pirates created an interesting dynamic throughout the movie. This tension was the only reason that it was acceptable to have most of the action scenes off camera. Although in the beginning of the movie I would have like to see how the Somali pirates took over the cargo ship thinks with that level of intensity between characters the act of violence would have been a bit of overkill in the movie. The music also emphasized the tension, by playing minimal dramatic music that emphasized the mood of the scenes. After further research I found out that the director took two takes one of the takes the actors would say and do what was on the script and then on the second take the actor would say lines without a script. I think this really forced the