Mississippi, A Center Of The American Civil Rights Movement

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Mississippi was a center of the American Civil Rights Movement. Its territory was also populated and had suffered initially from a series of numbers of difficulties that hampered in its development. Mississippi has diversified its economy by balancing agricultural output with increased industrial activity. Mississippi is also the 20th state of the United States, it does not have high population density, and it has a great deal of its land which is better for agriculture more than habitation. Mississippi also had a large civilization of Native Americans who had once lived there and it was their home. They were taken by some of the first people that arrived on the North Americans Continent. The earliest days, that is when the ugly institution of slavery actually had a strong grip in Mississippi region. Mississippi was one of the key founders of the Confederate States of America in the beginning of the American Civil War, it had remain one of the most important agricultural producers in the country. Hernando De Soto who was a Spanish explorer, who discovered the Mississippi River in 1540. Spain did not claim it until 1798 and in 1810 the U.S. annexed West Florida from Spain, including what is now called southern Mississippi. After the flood in 1882, the levee system has increased. The Yazoo-Mississippi delta levee district was established in 1884, for construction and maintenance in counties of the Northern delta. On April 7, 1798, the Mississippi territory was than organized by both of these places in Georgia and South Carolina. Then the United States and Spain claimed the territory which has expanded twice. These regions started to become wealthy which is Mississippi plantation owners, delta, and black belts from the high fertility of the soil, the prices of cotton on the international market which were high, and their sets of slaves that they had. Later on Mississippi started to legalize marijuana on July 1, 2015, adults that were 21 and older can be able to possess up to 8 eight ounces of weed at home and nowhere else it was in the passage of Measure 91.
Honestly slavery nothing to do with it but some white people actually get along with color people in Mississippi. Mississippi was horrible back then because of racism of white people. White people in Mississippi call us black’s