The Importance Of Perks And Rights In America

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America is a great place and there are many perks and rights you have while living there. I love that in America, the culture is very diverse and everyone is an independent thinker, which is very important because otherwise we wouldn’t have any new ideas. It is also a good thing because there probably isn’t another country in the world that is as diverse as the United States. In addition, I love that America is very creative with many things, such as technology, ideas, and even other industries such as Hollywood! Also, I love that we have a free market. I like it because it causes businesses to be competitive and that results in great things such as high efficiency and the best prices for the consumers. In the United States, we have many rights and privileges. In the civics book, it says that “The rights and responsibilities of being a citizen have also changed over time. Furthermore, they differ from country to country” (Section 1). This is important because citizens of other countries do not have the same rights as us, so we must keep up our responsibilities in order to have the rights and freedoms. One important right is the right to vote. Without it, democracy would mean nothing and the people would have no control over the government. Another important right is the freedom of speech. If we did not have it, then we wouldn’t be able to say what we wanted to others, especially about the government. One privilege everyone should exercise is the privilege to learn. Learning is important because it prepares us for the future and the education helps to know and understand what is happening in the world and how it affects us. Another privilege is the privilege to be a good citizen. The civics book says, “The country needs citizens who are well informed and who are willing to take part in determining how the government acts” (Section 1). This is very important because it allows us to not have any bad problems if we just follow the laws and ideals of being a good citizen. If I could change the country to make it better, then I would change the way the government spends money because most of it is going to unnecessary things and costing a lot of money. Overall, the United States is a great country with many rights and privileges that everyone should enjoy.
Revanth Vedhapudi Hello everyone,
Living in American has given me countless opportunities and freedoms I may have not had, if I were not a citizen of this country. It is a country I truly respect and love living in. One of the main reasons I love American is my right to an education and my freedom to learn whatever I want, because without an education it is impossible to get a high paying/respectable profession. Comparatively, In many other countries like China and North Korea students are restricted from viewing certain parts of websites which contain vital information on many different topics. In addition to my freedom in terms of learning, I also have the freedom to choose what profession I want in the future. Many other countries don't give people the equal opportunities in terms of getting certain jobs. Lastly, I love that in America I am able to follow my own religion and pray to whomever I want to, as in some countries people can even be executed for certain religious beliefs they may have.

America grants us many rights and privileges we should not be taking for granted. One right I believe we should be consistently using is our