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CH 1 Professional Nursing Practice
Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the professional nursing practice in terms of domain, definitions, and recipients of care.
Domain- offer skilled care to people recuperating and recovering, advocate PT rights, help PT make informed decisions, support PT and caregivers at any time, help them navigate complex healthcare system.
Definitions- The diagnoses and treatments of human responses to actual and potential health problems.
Where these recipients receive care- acute care, long term care, home care, primary and preventative care, ambulatory clinics, and community health.
2. Compare different scopes of nursing practice available to professional nurses.
The essential care of nursing practice is to deliver holistic, PT centered care
BSN or AND- generalists. Collaborative with healthcare providers. Specialty involves specialty exam and clinical time
APN or APRN- master’s with advanced education in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health assessment
PhD- faculty in schools of nursing, policy analyst, and researchers
DNP doctorate or professional nursing practice- for nurses seeking a practice focused terminal degree in nursing. It translates research into nursing clinical setting
3. Effects of expanding technology and knowledge, changing populations, consumerism, and evolving healthcare systems on nursing practice.
Expanding knowledge and technology- technology effects how healthcare is delivered. Knowledge creates ethical dilemmas and controversy regarding the disparity that exist in the PT access to this more advanced care
Diverse populations- lack resources to access healthcare.
Consumerism- PT seek info about their disease from online sources so RN’s need to help PT access appropriate health care information
4. Describe the role of critical thinking skills and use of the nursing process to provide PT centered therapy.
Critical thinking- the ability to solve problems by making sense of the information
Nursing process- deliver care and knowledge, judgments, and actions that nurses use to achieve best PT outcomes
5. Explain nursing terminologies for diagnoses, outcomes, and interventions.
NANDA- diagnoses, definitions, and classifications
NOC- measured along a continuum in response to interventions
NIC- coded number to facilitate electronic collection of standardized nursing data to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention
6. Evaluate the role of informatics and technology in nursing practice.
Changed how we obtain and review diagnostic information,