Early Latin America

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Ch 19 Early Latin America Vincent Cortese

Women become subjugated to men, Social hierarchy based on race, American born Spaniards or Creoles are under Native Spaniards, or Peninsulares, Women could not posess roles of power under new regime, Multiracial societies with Mestizos and Mulattoes, Europeans were on top of the hierarchies with Natives Americans and Slaves on the bottoms, mixed races in between
Viceroys placed in regions, Dispute over justification of conquest, Bourbon reforms, taxes, Revolts caused by reforms, Bribery was a byproduct of universities, Spain controlled Americas via a bureaucratic system, judicial core, codification of laws,
Colonies turned into plantations, gold and silver mining, sugar and tobacco agriculture, Exchange of crops between old and new world, devastating population loss due to disease, encomiendas and coercive labor, ranching became big after encomiendas,
Iberian culture mixed with American culture, Jesuits spread of Christianity, Enlightenment ideals spread from Europe to the Americas, Construction of churches brought new architecture and art reflecting Europe to America, Printing press introduced helped publish history, poetry, philosophy, religious texts and much more, Universities developed and grew
Trade overseas on galleons, Other countries start trading with the Americas, gold and silver money from Americas, ranches were popular which led to textile sweatshops, so there was common cloth, America started to become part of the world economy as trading licenses were bought in order to trade with America, trade greatly increased because of this, Bourbon reforms brought Mercantilism

Colored Section:
The Great Exchange
As a lasting contact was established between the Americas and Europe, a lot of things were exchanged between them. Over a span of a few centuries millions of African slaves and millions of Europeans migrated over to the Americas. Epidemics resulted from contact of the different races,