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Chapter 2: Extra Credit
Question 1:
-Communication Skills: Technologies force us to learn it and use it.
-Time management skills: To organize time and it’s important to all employees’ nowadays.
-Working under Pressure: every one should to know how to work under pressure.
-Ethics: Ethics could increase company’s reputation.
-Adaptability: Because the world around us, especially business world, is rapidly changing.
Question 2:
Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing
It’s not preferable to rush in each stage, to make it more accurate.
Question 3:
Positive includes; discussing idea, respecting the other person, positive criticizing.
Negative includes; Insulting, Refusing to participate, and wasting time.
Question 4:
Groupthink means that team members agree without examining alternatives or considering contingency plans.
Question 5:
Because each person of the group will present his ideas, and therefore the best will be chosen.
Question 6:
Small size and diverse makeup
-Agreement on purpose and procedures
-Ability to confront conflict
-Sound communication techniques
-Collaboration, not competition
-Acceptance of ethical responsibilities
-Shared leadership
Question 7:
- Prepares agenda, including topics, times, and names
- Starts on time and begin with preview, agenda
- Encourages participation, avoiding digression
- Deals with conflict openly, let parties speak
- Bring a positive attitude; stay calm, pleasant, and energetic.
Question 8:
- Participants can see each other and small product details.
- Tools include video, audio, and software.
- Although expensive, telepresence rooms are like being there.
Question 9:
Blogs: interactive online journals with information that team members can see and comment on.
Wikis: east-to-use collaborative Web sites where people can…