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Chapter 26

Contingency Contract
AKA: Behavioral Contract
A document that specifies a contingent relationship between
The completion of a and
Access to a
Description of task (target behavior) Operationally defined
Quality required

the task must be completed
Reward (must operationally define)
Who will deliver
What is the reiforcer
How immediate the reward will be delivered Who will decide if task is actually done Record keeping involved
Checklist must be filled out

How do they work?
Typically a package that involves:
Response prompting
Can even be a self-contract

Steps to developing one
Control by delaying or even improbable consequences (clean underwear in case you are in an accident)
Recording may be reinforcing (see self-control)
Physical record itself might act as a cue for desired behavior

Developing the contract review past performance get everybosy to by in “Did you tell the Temple U story?” survey possible tasks, reinforces.. (Many checklist/forms for guiding this)
Task should be behaviorally designed major goal. (improving family functioning)
Things to consider
Is the behavior ?
Does the behavior result in a ?
What is the of the learner?
Evaluating Contracts
Focus on the of the target behavior

Token Economy
A behavior change system with three major components Specified to reinforce for emitting those behaviors
A menu of for which the learner can exchange tokens/points

(Effectiveness of tokens as reinforcers depends upon the power of the back-up reinforcers)
Type of contract -Generalized secondary reinforcers -Rate of exchange based on previous behavior
Designing a Token Economy
Specify when/how tokens will be
Field test
Select Tokens
Washers, checkers, coupons, poker chips, tally marks, holes punched in cards…
Token should not be a
Identify Target Behaviors and Rules (see Ch. 3)
Select measurable/observable behaviors
Specify criteria for task completion
Start with a of behaviors
Ensure learners possess
It is okay to …rules don’t have to be the same for everybody
Select a Menu of Back-up Reinforcers
Use when possible
Tangibles and edibles can be used as well
Follow ethical and legal rules

Establish a Ratio of Exchange
Initial ratio should be
After that,
Procedure for Dispensation
May need storage containers
Procedure for Exchange
Usually a “store” of some sort
Initially, have store open
Over time, this can be more
Field Test the System
Tally tokens you would have given without actually giving them
Analyze data to determine if the system seems appropriate
Avoiding “Battles”
Be when learners don’t earn tokens; don’t nag
Stay ; about tokens
Response cost included?
Most do include response cost
Learners need to be aware of
Make the cost fit the
Avoid having learners go “ ”
Initial training the procedure to learners
Model the procedure for
Model the procedure for
Ongoing training
Booster sessions