Essay on Ch 3 Case Lien

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1. What ethical issues faced by MNCs in their treatment of foreign workers could bring allegations of misconduct in their operations?
Workplace safety
Proper protection if using chemicals. No hazards.
Temperature/ventilation and other standards
Working hours/breaks-
40 hours work weeks, 8hr /day time and half for overtime, not exceeding 12 hour work days
15 min break for every 4 hours worked. 30 min lunch for 8 hour work day.
Worker compensation and unemployment benefits.
Human rights violations
Such as child labor.
Environmental standards

2. Would the use of third party independent contractors alleviate or insulate MNCs from being attached, and would such use be a good defensive shield against charges of abuse of “their employees”?

For the use of a 3rd party independent contractors to be affective, there needs to be clear and legally protected standards. Some of the standards that would justify foreign workers as being “independent workers” would include; the amount of control that the contractor can have over the tasks that they are doing, the method the contractors is paid in and the freedom that this person would have to work on other contracts. But most likely these standards don’t apply to the foreign workers. These foreign workers tend to have limited control over their performance, work long, fixed hours on company premises, and are paid on an hourly rate. Therefore, it would be illegal to classify these workers as “independent contractors”, which exposes MNCs to more problems. Even if MNCs find a legal way to classify their foreign workers as independent contractors, it would not shield their public image and/or reputation. They would still receive public criticism for acting unethically and not showing social responsibility. They would still not be