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1) Each of the following is a reason why it is difficult to defend against todays attackers except
Complexity of attack tools
2) In a general sense, "security" is _______.
The necessary steps to protect a person or property from harm
3) _____ ensures that only authorized parties can view the information.
4) Each of the following is a successive layer in which information security is achieved except _______.
5) By definition, a(n) _______ is a person or thing that has the power to carry out a threat.
Threat agent
6) In information security terminology a _______ is a flaw or weakness that allows an attacker to bypass security protections.
7) Each of the following is a goal of information security except _____.
Decrease user productivity
8) The ______ requires that enterprises must guard protected health information and implement policies and procedures to safeguard it.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
9) The motivation of _____ is attacking for the sake of their principles or beliefs.
Cyber terrorists
10) Each of the following is an element to creating a practical security strategy except ______.
Maximize losses
11) Keeping backup copies of important data stored in a safe place is an example of
Minimizing losses
12) Each of the following can be classified as an "insider" except ___________.
13) ________ are a network of attackers, identity thieves, and financial fraudsters.
14) Each of the following is a characteristic of cybercriminals except _____.
Low motivation
15) Each of the