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CH14 Writing Assignment

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2. For this assignment, I chose group therapy. In group therapy, small groups, usually consisting of 5-15 people and facilitated by a group leader or psychologist, gather at a specific place and time to discuss specific topics, such as depression, anxiety, social skills, eating disorders, substance abuse, marriage, and post traumatic stress. Support groups allow people to share ideas and experiences, and support each other emotionally. Support groups allow people to interact with other individuals who are experiencing, or have experienced, the same problem. This is beneficial to many people becuase he or she may feel isolated in their day to day lives, with nobody to contact who can relate to the situation that he or she is dealing with.
These group therapy sessions may be either "open" or "closed" groups. Open groups are groups which allow new members to come any time, and are often general in nature to the problem. Closed groups usually lock in the same members for a set number of sessions and follow a specific plan that deal with different aspects of an issue each week or session.
3. I do wholeheartedly believe that group therapy can be an effective tool. My grandfather remained sober for 35 years before he passed away, and he frequently credited it to going to his Alcoholics Anonmous meetings. I like that group therapies can be either open or closed, and that for issues such as alcoholism and other substance abuse, there are usually several open