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10. legalism- a belief that stated that in order to gain peace in time of unrest, the gov’t should devote their attention to the state and strengthen it at all cost. It was created during the Zhou dynasty.
11. Qin Shittuangdi- the first emperor of the Qin dynasty. He established a centralized imperial rule that effected all the empires after.
12. Great Wall- A wall created by the Ming Dynasty leaders to provide protection against foreign invaders/enemies.
13. Chinese script- an ancient writing system introduced by Qin Shittuangdi. It unified all of China with one way to communicate.
14. Conscription- law that required men to serve in the military or be drafted.
15. Liu Bang- restored china with the Han Dynasty and therefore unified China once again.
16. Chang’an- cosmopolitan city which served as a capital for Han emperors
17. Han Wudi- the “Martial emperor” controlled the Han Dynasty for 54 years. Built a bureaucracy for the Han Empire and relied on Legalist principles.
18. Vietnam- country that occupies the eastern and southern part of the Indochinese peninsula in SE Asia, with the South China Sea along its coast.
19. Korea- a country invaded by Han Wudi and put under the Han rule.
20. Xiongnu- nomadic peoples from the steppes of central Asia who spoke a Turkish language.
21. Bactria- the Xiongu controlled up to this point. Enabled the Xiongnu to control a vast area and increased the Xiongnu’s trade.
22. Tribute- a payment by one ruler or nation to another in…