Chai Lifeline Argumentative Essay

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Imagine one day you are in the mood for a fresh apple and check the fridge but it is bare of any kind of fresh produce. Now imagine this same process repeating itself daily for the duration of a kid’s childhood. This is an unfortunate reality among many families in my community who struggle financially. Yet, in the past few years, I have been volunteering for Chai Lifeline, a nationwide charity that assists needy children and their families. I was recruited into a specific group of volunteers whose job was to deliver over one hundred boxes of fresh produce to families around our community and from then on, we would visit the local farmer market every week who would donate his extra produce to our cause and leave everything out on huge tables. For hours I would walk around the market scouting for the best cucumbers or the freshest apples to fill my boxes. Some produce had to be thrown out and it was up to us to ensure all fruits and vegetables collected were free of any bruises or bugs. After a long Sunday afternoon, our boxes would finally be full and we would drive to our assigned families and drop them off discreetly by their doorstep. The final “drop” of the last box signified an ending to a long, but productive day where many children and their families would have fresh produce for the …show more content…
The hours spent in the hot sun, the sometimes grueling task of picking apart rotten bananas, the heavy lifting involved in the produce delivery, all turned me into a more selfless person, one who tries to think of others needs before his. I hope this new mindset allows me to navigate my career later on in life where I will always think of the need of the whole before the needs of my own. This positive attitude can only spread to other people later in life, just like our little speech about fruits and vegetables inspired other men and women to contribute generously to our