Chai Romruen Research Paper

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Chai Romruen

Born in a family
Have you ever heard of the name Zack Buckley (merman in Mako mermaids) and wondered what that person’s actual name and story was? Chai Romruen Hansen is a man born in the 1989 on February 8, a wednesday. He has an Australian mother and a Thai father. His father’s name is Superut Romruen, while his mother’s name is Sandra Hansen. He has a sister named Sarah Romruen Hansen no one has told anyone yet if she is older or younger than Chai. Although people don't know a lot about chai they do know his birth sign, Aquarius. Chai was born on Koh Samui, a small island at the East Coast of Thailand. Later in his life Chai becomes an actor famous for acting as Zack Backely in Mako Mermaids.

Unknown Early Life
Unlike others, Chai is an actor that does not like to talk about his personal life. Therefore it is hard to gain much information about him. Apparently, people say he thinks it's not because you're a celebrity that you have to share your personal life. He believes even the famous ones are allowed to not have their whole life public to the world. The only thing people do know for sure about his early life is at the age of seven he moved to Australia with Sarah and Sandra in search of higher education (“Star of Mixed Ethnicity”). Though he was born in Thailand, Chai Romruen Hasen is an Australian citizen with the Australian nationality.
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He won the silver medal in the triple jump at the Australian National All Schools Championships in 2006. He has set a record for Triple Jump in Australia and Canada (“Chai Romruen Tv Actor”). Soon he decided dancing was more interesting and acknowledged his love for dance in 2007. That same year he started going to dance classes. These classes would help him in the near future with his new career,