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“We Want a New Canteen!”
Our canteen is in very bad condition there are many problems; the food, the size, the cleanliness and the surroundings. We would like the views of the school to be put forward so we can get a new canteen.

Our canteen is too small, there is not enough room for everyone to sit and eat comfortably. When the weather is bad, people want shelter and somewhere to sit and get away from the rain, so they go to the canteen, but everyone ends up getting squashed and kicked out. There is also no space to put bags as we have to leave them outside where they could get stolen or get ruined by weather or other people.

The food in the canteen is always cold and never has enough flavour. We deserve a lot better for the prices we pay, it is too expensive. We should also have a more variety of options to choose from and also a split between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. If the food was nicer many more pupils would joyfully eat in the canteen and would be happy paying the prices we pay now.

Cleanliness and Surroundings
The canteen does not have knives and forks the pupils can use, only plastic ones, this gives the impression to the pupils that they are not responsible to use metal knives forks and spoons. The Canteen is cold and wet, it has no decorations or paintings, it looks boring, and the pupils would like to change this. The aromas of the food are not there, the canteen should be a place where