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March 20th, 2013

The Chakra System Of The Human Body and the Solar Plexus Chakra

There are seven main chakras of the human body and several other chakras which are less-important and smaller ones. These chakras are energy centers, act like energy joint in the body and are points of energy flow. Due to the energetic operations taking place in these chakras, all the aspects of our bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual life is realized. Each of the seven major chakras has a character of its own and is correspondent to a unique portion of our being. The chakra system is the center for central processing of the aspect of our being. Any kind of energetic dysfunction in the chakras generally may give rise to disorders in the spirit, body or mind. If there is defect in the flow of energy caused due to any given chakra this results in an imperfection in the energy offered to some parts of the physical body. All this is due to simple reason that field of energy is a holistic being and every part of it influences every other part.
The solar plexus chakra, or manipura in Sanskrit, is a subtle energy center located midway between the human navel and the base of the sternum. It is primarily known as the “power” chakra and is considered to be the third energy center in the Hindu chakra system, which has seven major energy centers total. It is represented by the color yellow, sometimes with hints of red and orange contained within its imagery. It is commonly depicted as