Challenge: The Blind and Helen Keller ‘’part Essay

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Do you think person who has partially blind faces more difficult challenge more than who has full blindness? May you think like majority of people about person has this disability which is partially blind; he has normal life and who has full blind faces sophisticated life .However, in my opinion this superficial view because they who have partially blind face two significant challenges in their life.

First challenge for people have partially blind is expectations for their work .People expect a great work from person who has this handicap as a normal person .This thing make this person under strong stress .Moreover, this leads them do anything above their ability. ’I did not know what the future held of marvel or surprise for me’ ’side Helen Keller ‘’part I. The story of my life’’. When she mentioned I did not know about future this means unlike her teacher, she does not have pressure to do something big just best what she can do. For example, there is a small plant grew between rocks and large amount of water flooded; this cause for death this plant. According to the example frequent pressure will be affecting psychological and emotions people who have this obstruction that is partially blind.

Second confrontation for people who have partially blind is ignored by governments. The governments give more help for who has full blind such as salary, sift house and work appropriate for his/her ability. In contrast, partially blind was not gotten these serves by…