Challenges in Accounting Essay

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Don’t offer to shake hands unless you know the person you greet is fairly westernized.
Hugging and kissing is considered inappropriate behavior so refrain from doing so, no matter how fond you become of someone, especially someone of the opposite sex
Intimate behaviour in public is a definite no-no
In traditional homes, it is rude to cross your legs when you sit down in front of the host, particularly for women.
Don’t touch the head of an adult and don’t point the bottom of your feet at anyone.
Malaysians remove their shoes at the door before entering a home. You can always tell if there is a get-together at someone’s home by the number of shoes around the front door
Always use the right hand to pass or accept anything
Pointing with the finger is considered very rude and the whole hand is used to indicate a direction, but never a person.
To point to a person, close the right hand into a fist with the thumb on top and then point it at the subject.
Business Etiquette in Malaysia if in a team, introduce the most important person first
Business cards are exchanged after the initial introductions -the right hand to exchange business cards.

Vietnamese are a proud race of people and are extremely welcoming and tolerant to foreign visitors.
When giving or receiving business cards do so by holding it with both hands.
When meeting with Vietnamese a handshake is considered the standard greeting. A kiss on the cheek is not recommended practice and…