Information And Information In Riordan's Finance And Accounting Department

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Riordan faces many challenges when it comes to storing and translating data and information in its finance and accounting department; organization and communication are two important key factors that create a path for successful operations. Much of the data that is entered/submitted/transferred throughout Riordan comes through incompatible as it crosses over, creating an issue with communication. Documents are not in a consistent format and are coming through in several different formats which must be converted in order for the receiver to have access to the information in reference. Some of the issues at hand, include labor intensive income statements, ledgers and balance sheets which are not being completed until up to 20 days after the close of a month, difficulty meeting governmental compliance, audits are required each month and are costing the company a lot of money and labor. While these situations are not seen by suppliers and consumers, if too much money and time is spent trying to keep up with organization it could affect consumers, suppliers, employees, even the company as a whole.
Each “hub” of the entity has its own application systems that are being used for transmission of data. The Georgia location has a vendor created software application, which runs on UNIX operating system, using Windows and programmed in RPG400; Michigan’s location has a vendor developed software application as well. The vendor who created the application is no longer is business; this software is run on the VMS operating system;