Champion Of Now Analysis

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According to Harris, a community “is a free and voluntary gathering of individuals with shared goals and interests-of persons who have not so much been forced together as have chosen to associate with one another” (Harrison 15). The community that I choose to reside with is the Syracuse University track community, because this is the community that has been the leading developer with shaping my character. My community mainly consists of sprinters who all share similar goals; to become not only the champions of now, but also the champions of forever. We look to better ourselves on a regular basis in every way possible in order for us to achieve this goal. Since most track communities possess the same desires as my community, we set ourselves away from other communities by adding another goal, which …show more content…
If we are champions of now, we will have temporary glory until the next person takes it from us, but if we are champions of forever, we will have created a long lasting legacy that will take exemplar performances and strong dedication to diminish our glory, but even then our names will still stand in history. A champion of now is one who believes that winning a few races is all that truly matters, while a champion of forever not only wins as many races as possible, but also sets records so that he or she creates a legacy that takes time to diminish. Because of this, we train hard on a regular basis so that one day we may step upon the podium with great pride and bathe in the sweetest fruits of our rigorous labor. But for us to get to the very top, we have to surpass every other competitor in sight that believes that the podium is theirs. One of the levels that all the members in my community have to surpass is the high school state championship track meet. At this meet, we must face all of the top competitors in the state that have made it thus