Championship Against Skyview: A Short Story

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Don't play with revenge, when you play with revenge you play stupid, play with passion and intensity. When people play sports the main goal is always to win the championship and my team had just the chance to capture that goal. Coming off a 7 game win streak we were playing for the league championship against Skyview. We had already played them in week two and we had lost 21-20, but in that game it was a tale of two halves. In the first half skyview had scored on their first three possessions to take an early 21-0 lead. Most everyone on our team believed that we were done, but a few us believed we still had a chance. We ended up losing by one point, but we almost made the full comeback. Well it was about three hours before the championship game and we were going over plays in the gym and it was dead silent. Everyone was focused on the task at hand, …show more content…
The captains walked out and we elected to receive the ball first. After the opening kickoff our offense took the field. Max Burchett, the Quarterback, jogged onto the field last and gave the play. We walked up to the line of scrimmage and off was our play. Braedon Ensley, the running back, picked up a 20 yard gain. We continued to march down the field and we had gotten the same play call as our first. I-Right 34 Bronco. This play had worked for us all season. The play was off and out of the corner of my eye I saw the ball go into mid air. The ball was fumbled and picked up by Skyview. We didn’t think the fumble was that big of a deal because we had the best defense in all of the GHSL and were only giving up 8 points a game. Skyviews offense marched right down the field and scored on their first possession. I remember walking back to the sideline and hearing most of our team saying this game was going to end up like the last one, a blowout. Me and the other 3 captains got together and said this game was not going to end like the