Change For The Better

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Change For The Better Alison was starting her second semester of junior year in high school, in a new town. At her old school she had friends, knew where all her classes were, and fit in. She didn’t have any say in the move. Her parents just sprung it on her. Alison couldn’t believe that they would do something like is to her. She couldn’t handle it. In order to get her out of the dark funk Alison put herself in after Bill and Kate told her the news, they took her shopping for new clothes. They thought it would help Alison adjust. Alison decided to take advantage of this. She bought the most expensive things in the store. Most of the items were nothing like her current style choices.
It was the first day at the new school. Alison was uncomfortable being that she didn’t know anyone and it was much larger than her old school. As she walked down the halls everyone was staring at her. Finally, a rather big group of girls came up to her. Alison could tell they were the popular ones. She knew she had gotten their attention with her style, which matched theirs, and she needed them to like her or she would be a no one.
They accepted her instantly. Alison was overjoyed. She wasn’t sure what to think. Barely into the day and she already had a ton of friends. A few weeks at the new school and she had forgotten that she had even gone to a different school not too long ago. Her parents hadn’t. Alison was spending money left and right trying to fit in with these new girls.
Bill and Kate tried to allow Alison to do whatever she wanted with her new friends. All the money she was spending was adding up, higher than what they had