Change: High School and Alicia Victoria sou Essay

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Alicia Victoria
Sou Lackkaty
ESL/ACE 50 (CRN 1332)
3 July 2014
Changing for the Better Life Change is a genuine to human beings. Although a number of people usually never alter their habits. In every step that we make in our life, we create change. Every one of us looks forward to new experiences in our lives in various ways. Often a person changes from experiences which they have learned. Learning from different experiences can change the way a person thinks and feel about something. When people enrich themselves through learning they improve intellectually, which results in increase of self-esteem and better career choice. My Aunt Marina was in the Philippines before. She studied very hard since she started going to school and she wanted to be a great English speaker. It’s tough to go to school in the Philippines. You need to pay for the tuition fees and materials even though it’s only a public school. So, when she had the opportunity to come to United States she grabs it already since she’s the breadwinner of the family. Everyone told her that she can’t make it but then when she made it they start complimenting her about her achievement. She’s an account executive now in Next Gear Capital. She keep telling me “If you want something or if you want to be successful in life, be focus on your goal and even though people tell you can’t do it prove it to them and to yourself that if others can you can too. Use the criticism to challenge you to achieve your goal.” After I graduated high school, my aunts and uncles said that “You’ll just get pregnant like your cousins.” When I started working at McDonalds and studying at MiraCosta College their perspective change about me. The fact that I’m miles away to my family I want them feel that I’m not just working hard to prove them something rather to prove it to myself