Change in Medical Marijuana Essay

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May 3, 2013
Barrett, D. (2009, Feb. 7)
Change in U.S. Medical Marijuana Policy Likely
The Times West Virginian Retrieved 4,29, 2013
From, Http// news/x681698441/change-in-us-medical-marijuana-policy-1

A hopeful change in U.S. medical marijuana policy is likely, (Barrett, D 2009) to happen. The White House and Drug Enforcement Administration will not say for sure, but there could be some changes made. In 2009 it was said that, “ Experts believe the Obama Administration will change the strategy and the law on medical marijuana”. (Barrett, D. ) 2009). “ The President believes that federal resources should not be circumventing state laws, and as he continues to appoint senior leadership to fill out the ranks of the Federal Government, he expects them to review their policy with that in mind” said White House spokesman Nick Shapiro (Barrett, D. 2009). Thirteen states have laws permitting the use of medical marijuana: California for instance is unique for the presence of dispenser Aries, and businesses that sell marijuana, though dispensaries are illegal under federal law. It might be the law, “but contradicts the medical marijuana position of the power of the new president” (Barrett, D. 2009). Over time the Obama Administration eventually will instruct the Department of Agriculture empathetically to cut back on raids of dispensaries to conduct raids only on businesses. Who is to say the government can play the role of God and decide if a person is in pain or not? West Virginia is not one of the thirteen states medical marijuana is legal, it should be. I am speaking from experience with my mother who had multiplemyoloma, who was in a lot of pain, and