Change: Leadership and Experiences Unique Situations Essay

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One wise man once said, “The only thing constant is change.” Change is everywhere you look, even Physics have a law especially for it, called “The Law of Entropy.” As time marches past, change happens, whether you like it, or not. Change can be utilized for good or for bad, and in the hands of capable leaders it is a powerful tool which can shape situations or individuals to his or her liking. Leadership, as defined by Catalano, states that “Leadership is the ability of a person to influence the behavior of others.” (p. 261) A leader can choose to influence his or her members to work for the greater good of everyone, or hoard the power to only further their own selfish ambitions and coerce people to do their bidding.
When I was in high school, I had a cooking class. In this class, I had to work in a group with eight to nine other students. We had designated roles, such as “Cook” and “Dishwasher” which rotated every week, so every student had a chance to experience each role. However, some students had prior experience with cooking while others did not. Those who could cook would deem those who cannot as “slow and inefficient” and take over the cook’s job even when it was not their role for the week. Those of us who cannot cook were coerced into the subservient dishwasher role, quite like the working class of old. Because there was no “leader,” there was no one to put the bully students in line. If there ever was, it would probably best be classified as a laissez-faire type of leadership. I did not exactly use any leadership skills during my high school years, but I wish to change this situation if I were given another chance. I would communicate the need for change by stating that all members should have a turn behind the stove, and it was unfair that only two or three students who do not really need the experience hog the opportunity while those who needed it are pushed to the back. Also, if you were assigned to your particular role for the week,