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Business Research and Purpose
The focus of this research and survey results is on organizational change management. The study consisted of 82 accounts of change. The study looked at the success of change from a top down approach. The study evaluated the effectiveness of timing, packaging, and employee involvement on the acceptance of the change. Change events have been put forward as an event, but organizations are constantly performing multiple changes. This study consisted of 2,683 employees in a not-for-profit hospital.
Business Problems A downturn in business had caused a budget crunch and management needed to react. At issue was in how management handling suggestions from the staff for change, how the changes were implemented and management’s engagement of the staff.
Data Collections
The study required that the management staff be interviewed to investigate how they reacted to issues and suggestions. Top management asked that the staff be open and frank about the process. The interviewees were asked to provide examples of prior suggestions brought forward and to describe how they advanced or stopped the issue. The sessions were documented and transcribe. Issues with successful and unsuccessful outcomes were documented. The interviewers would probe for who was involved, how upper management responded, what went well, what went wrong and could they have done something different. The authors broke the change management parts of the interviews into categories of how the change was presented. An analysis was performed on the data collection to show the different roadways and blockages in the current change process. Then patterns in the data were identified by looking at the categories. The largest selling point used by management referred to the business plan. The process for indentifying