Change Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan

Change Management and Communication Plan Riordan Manufacturing has acknowledged the necessity to implement a formal customer information system to be utilized by every company employee. Team A has been assigned to create a change management and communication plan for organizational leaders to execute. Team A scrutinized the Riordan company website to gain an adequate perception of the organization. The analyses yielded a change management plan that includes an understanding of the current power structures within the organization, identifies the appropriate structure to implement change, the qualities of the company culture, and the effect of these on employee behavior. Additionally, Team A will endorse a 12-month change implementation plan, identify possible change resistance, and determine the key performance indicators that measure success. The communication plan will outline appropriate communication channels, reveal potential hurdles, and determine appropriate strategies to surmount those barriers.
Change Management Plan
Formal and Informal Power Structures
Riordan Manufacturing has both formal and personal power structures. The formal power structure within the organization is legitimate power, which “represents the formal authority to control and use organizational resources based on structural position in the organization” (Robbins & Judge, 2013. p. 414). The formal power hierarchy is identifiable through the organizational chart found on the company website. The personal power source within the organization is primarily considered expert power. The company is separated by division. The divisions are staffed and managed by employees with specialized expertise specific to his or her job description. The prevalent power and political structures within Riordan have a positive effect on company goals and employee behavior. Leaders with legitimate power make organizational decisions with company goals in mind, while the expert employees wield personal power to make workflows efficient and profitable.
Effective Organizational Structure Riordan Manufacturing employs more than five hundred people and has multiple facilities including its headquarters located in California. Additional facilities can be found in Georgia, Michigan, and China. The organizational structure best suited for the implementation of change is the bureaucratic structure because the new process will be utilized by all employees. The bureaucratic structure will permit Riordan Manufacturing to standardize the process across every level of the organization and enhance efficiency. According to Robbins and Judge (2013), the advantages of a bureaucracy include “minimum duplication of personnel and equipment, and employees who have the opportunity to talk the same language” (p. 487).
Effects on Employee Behavior
The bureaucratic structure offers minimalism and reliability as the desired change is communicated and implemented throughout the organization. One structural level of organizational hierarchy executes the change and communicates to the next level, establishing the mandate and reducing knowledge gaps. Change agents should ensure employees are provided with sufficient opportunities for feedback and be cognizant of employees that might become discouraged with multiple levels of bureaucracy.
Characteristics of Culture and Influences on Behavior
The cultural values at Riordan combine justice, conviction, commitment, innovation, and collaboration. Additionally, the company provides disability accommodations and employee benefits including 401K, educational assistance, health, dental, and life insurance, paid holidays, childcare, and workers compensation insurance. The company attempts to provide a great place to work by exceeding employee expectations. The behavioral effects are largely positive. The corporate effort to be fair and accommodating creates loyal,