Change Management And Communication Plan Essay examples

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Change Management and Communication Plan
Lisa Metcalf, Jennifer Kraner, Jillian Gaudio, and Marissa Coale
MGT 311
December 22, 2014
Denna Atkinson
Change Management and Communication Plan
The current formal and informal structure of Riordan Manufacturing consists of legitimate power and expert power. Legitimate power in a company consists of the formal authority to use their organizational resources that are based on the company’s position in that organization. The Riordan Company makes all of this information available by the organizational charts that are provided on their websites. The company itself is divided by departments that are all ran by employees who are experienced in the specific department that they specialize in. This is considered expert power.
Maintaining employee direction through guidance and leadership is something that the executives of Riordan Manufacturing take seriously to keep things running smoothly. This is what is considered Executive Power.
The most appropriate and also most effective organizational structure for Riordan that will help them accomplish changes is to have an arrangement that allows the company to have the best use of resources and that will establish a working relationship throughout their company. Riordan Manufacturing uses the bureaucratic method to implement its needs within the company. Because the company does not really have a formal system of operation, anything that has to do with the customers is left up to its