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Change Management Plan

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The purpose of this plan is to identify and analyze the changes that will impact the team. This plan will offer suggestions and strategies for managing the change and will include a communication plan, activities required, and risk identification.
Analysis of Reorganizational Impacts
This section identifies reorganizational impacts to the team due to the changes identified in the case study. You are to identify at least two changes that are occurring and what the impact is to the team.

Identify two reorganizational changes and their impacts to the team.
Reorganizational changes that may impact to the organization as discussed below:
-One way to involve in this, is through to play it straight. In this the basic needs of the employees need to be focus otherwise they wouldn’t be able to work effectively within the company and should provide them a training before move forward to work with otherwise it may create issues on later stage.
-For quickly implementation of numerous changes to modernize the management systems and processes, including team based management, numerous training programs for trainees at all levels are required as discussed in first point, but there should be a new multi rater evaluation system in which managers would rate by peers and subordinates as well as their supervisors, and the use of numerous consultants to provide advice where involving them is highly beneficial and is therefore beneficial and sustainability of the company and then we can be sure that a good product applications will be available in market with our cellphones products.

Suggestions and Strategies for Managing the Change
This section identifies suggestions and strategies for managing the reorganization change.
Suggest two ways the reorganization can be communicated to the team.

-Proper training and sessions for Employee’s understanding so that they can effectively use this reorganized system.
-Should have proper document for each and every phase of project development so that employees can deliver better result.

Suggest two ways to gain buy-in from the team.

-People want to know that you care about what they think more than they care that you accept what they think. It will help company and can expect more work from employees.
-The best surprise is no surprise, means reward them surprisingly with team party, performance recognition awards, their self-aspects and their values, etc. These activities assist companies to take more work from them even they are also with that.

Suggest two ways to deal with resistance from the team.

For managing the change management resistance; we should focus on below key points:
-Everyone should be able stretch their working hours as per the requirement of the company, it’s essential because we are moving to a completely new system where we need to understand many more things and need to adapt and go with it. Even, I will try to arrange many training sessions for our team to understand the better and work effectively.
-Work should be done within or even before deadlines so that we can easily verify at our end before delivering it other team within the company. It will help us to manage the resistive changes of company’s change management system where we would have enough time to verify in accordance to the new system guidelines and also this will give us a real time experience.

Suggest two ways you will lead and motivate your team through the change.

-Motivation is an equally important responsibility of management and mine to team. It translates directly into productivity and team effectiveness. People working together with energy and enthusiasm are far more effective and productive than a group lacking that spark because of job dissatisfaction or boredom. As a supervisor, I need to play a big role in building team motivation and reward them accordingly.
-Apart from work, I will help or guide everyone