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Growing up as a child in a third world country then traveling to another country that becomes my world at the age of ten, change my eating habits in many ways. Coming here to America as a child, had me fascinated of how much variety of food can be eaten, but I was never really educated of the certain ethnicity, lifestyle and tradition that would follow. I never thought of how important portions and different of food were, just the fact that we all need food and water to live. My life with food was never really a choice, even with the amount of variety of food selections; there was never a process in thinking of how much amount is needed throughout the day. However, attending a class has opened up my mind that there’s no easy way to gain the nutrition we need as humans but to take time and relearn our food intake can make one’s life change.
My ethnicity of food with my family is that I was taught to eat everything in our plate because all the food set in the table should always be eaten and to throw away a food meant you were rich, even leftover fish such as bones or head were always given to the dogs. I’m mainly an emotional eater, there is really no related time of eating a meal, and that despite being full I would continue to eat. Eating sometimes would cause me to become guilty of how much I ate. Even though my way of eating is not on time basis but much more of when my family would eat. My way of eating as a comparison to my three day’s analysis and to my normal diet average, I think to me is not much of a difference, the food that I eat are consistently with vegetables and not much on fast food restaurants . However, I did consume much more in the third day which is very unbalanced to a normal diet. And an unbalanced diet is sometimes dangerous because it can make me over eat in just one meal. To continue would then lower my REE along with unbalance nutrition.
My lifestyle of eating revolves around my family and culture; on a daily basis my parents eat bread and coffee or tea at breakfast time. I as a child would follow what they ate and has continued to eat bread with coffee or tea in my three day tracker. However it’s also the same with the physical activity, they are not very active and I followed in their step. “Balance the food you eat with physical activity maintains or improves your weight” , I know I would eat all the food that I set up but I have learned that I will still eat all, just a small amount of portion in my plate, that would enable me to fully satisfy with no guilt. “Eat a variety of foods”, I was not aware of a certain food that gives you specific nutrients and how much is needed in a daily basis. I will continue to include a variety of fruits and vegetable in moderate portions with a balance of exercise.
As I continue to follow through my plan, to be able eat more spinach with at least two cups in my meal every day. On my three day diet plan that I had recently done on the Supertracker, I was able to meet most of the nutrients with the exception of Iron, magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin that gave me an insight on which certain food I should be consuming