Change: Question and Effective Change Agent Essay

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Change Agent Paper
PSYCH/ 570
February 16, 2015
Dr. Lynne Valek

Change Agent Paper I feel that I have five characteristics that will make me an effective change agent once they are all brought together. Persistence with patience, a clear vision, ability to lead by example, not being afraid to ask the tough questions, and the ability to build trustworthy relationships are the components that will make me an effective leader. Once these things align with one another, the leadership capabilities that I have will be able to speak for themselves. I have a clear and definite vision for the type of leader I want to be. I have goals for myself and my team which can only be reached if I remain focused on them with a clear plan on how to reach them. In life, I have found that patience is a virtue. With knowing my vision, I understand that I must be persistent and patient to reach all goals. Everything takes time and come with setbacks, but having persistence to stay focused on the tasks makes achieving the goal feel much better. I have patience and with that patience, I am persistent with the small tactics needed to reach that final destination. I have always been a motivator and easy to talk to. My basketball background has carried over into my professional background because I had to lead by example. In order to get individuals to buy into your mindset and reasoning, you have to show them with your actions and not just your words. I always finished first in drills and showed up to meetings and practice first to give that example. Today, I follow all policies and procedures in order to ensure that everyone knows that I am by the book. I make it known when I deviate from policies and procedures when it shows it was the best for the company and to let them know I have nothing to hide. I let every decision I make be seen so that my examples are always out in the open. I feel that not hiding things and remaining open will help build trustworthy relationships with my subordinates and superiors. I allow myself to remain open to suggestions, change, and open to