Research Paper On Qt 5

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0.13.0 [2014-07-19]
This version based on Qt 5 and has new modulated core, and new features (example: normal mapping) and fixes for 115 bugs, includes:
New plugin: Equation of Time - provides solution for Equation of Time.
New plugin: Field of View - provides shortcuts for quick changes field of view.
New plugin: Navigational Stars - marks 58 navigational stars on the sky.
New plugin: Pointer Coordinates - shows the coordinates of the mouse pointer.
New plugin: Meteor Showers - provides visualization of meteor showers.
New translatable strings and new textures.
New version of the Satellites plugin: introduces star-like satellites and bug fixes.
New version of the Exoplanets plugin: displaying of the potential habitable exoplanets; improvements for performance and code refactoring.
New version of the Angle Measure plugin: displaying of the position angle.
New version of the Quasars plugin: improvements for performance; added marker_color parameter.
New version of the Pulsars plugin: improvements for performance; display pulsars with glitches; setting color for marker for different types of the pulsars.
New versions of the Compass Marks, Oculars, Historical Supernovae, Observability analysis and Bright Novae plugins: bug fixing, code refactoring and improvements.

Full list of changes:

0.12.4 [2013-09-26]
Bugfix release.
- fixed crash Stellarium when enabled binoculars in the Oculars plugin (LP: #1222742);
- added render nighttime landscapes without lighting (LP: #1223052);

0.12.3 [2013-09-08]
Bugfix release with new plugin.
- new plugin - Bright Novae;
- added intermediate value to ZHR of shooting stars between 80 and 10000 (LP: #1208106);
- fixed search tool (LP: #1208296, #1211198);
- fixed behaviour for shortkeys of few plugins (LP: #1208291);
- fixed Flamsteed designations for few Virgo stars (LP: #1222094);
- fixed saving Milky Way brightness via GUI (LP: #1220477)

0.12.2 [2013-08-04]
Bugfix release with few new features.
New version of the Satellites plug-in (0.8.1):
- automatic adding of new satellites on update from selected update sources; by default, only new naked-eye satellites are auto-added
- automatic removal of satellites if they are no longer listed in the update sources - "user-defined" flag protecting satellites from update/removal
- satellites can be added to/removed from satellite groups from the GUI
- custom satellite groups can be defined
- the default satellite group names and satellite descriptions are translatable
- Variable stars support (LP: #665014)
- Automatic change of landscape on planet change (LP: #1173254)
- Flamsteed designation for stars and search tool (LP: #1190503)
- Repacked default star catalogs (LP: #926588)
- Update DSO features (LP: #1115035, #1172402, #1180493)
- Improved Quasars plugin (LP: #1169232, #1181688)
- Improved Pulsars plugin (LP: #1169230, #1181688)
- Improved Oculars plugin (LP: #1170239, #1188340)
- Improved Historical Supernovae plugin (LP: #1180962)
- Improved Observability analysis plugin (LP: #1171182)
- Improved Exoplanets plugin (LP: #1177871)
- Improved Satellites plugin (LP: #955780)
- Improved search tool (LP: #1181534, #1184599, #1180962)
- Improved scripting engine (LP: #1202637, #1091626)
- Satellites plugin cause crash when enabled in distant past (LP: #955780)
- Landscape colour saturation at summer noon (LP: #1115364)
- wrong rendering of Planet's shadow (LP: #1131847)
- stellarium crashes (LP: #1157930, #1177871, #1194838, #1173355, #1184599)
- mismatched malloc/delete (LP: #1172931)
- error in template code (LP: #1178257)
- undefined template function in vecmath (LP: #1178391)
- Setting Startup date and time (Other:) sets time to UTC, not my local (EDT) time (LP: #1198570)
- Debug messages don't completely convert paths to local directory separator (LP: #682633)
- Garbled text hovering over time/date (LP: #1176424)
- Set time to now (Icon not illuminated) (LP: #1178498)