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New Store

1) Kettering
a. Project pricing in process/hood and walk-in drawings in process-Project quoted 5/15/13-Order released by Brad 5/17/13

2) Hyde Park
a. Order released by Brad 4/22/13

3) Worthington
a. Order released by Brad 4/18/13
b. Wine/Beer system added back into project, dual temp unit added back in and approved by Brad.

4) Carmel
a. Order released by Brad 4/18/13
b. New ball valves style lever waste added to order (should this be Carmel and Beavercreek or just one store)-Brad says both stores.

5) Beavercreek
a. Upon approval Kolpak and Captive Aire drawings to be generated-Design revised and sent to Brad 4/18/13, removed beer/wine system 4/29/13. Final changes approved by Piada 5/13/13-Submittal set of drawings sent 5/29/13-Project quoted to Brad 6/6/13
b. Sent specs for ball valves waste, lever, drain to Brad on 6/6/13
c. Order placed 6/12/13

Research and Development

1) Rotisserie
a. Appt March 27th at 9:00am
b. Scale in research-need to discuss
c. Both options drawn and sent
d. Quote for all three options sent-Piada approval pending-all stainless unit quoted per request, voltage decision pending-Quote approved per Brad, unit on order
e. Unit delivered to King Ave 4/25/13

2) Pasta Sieve
a. samples given to Mike

3) Gelato
a. Disposables for test store update
b. Sawmill test store-6/3/13
c. Pricing complete for test-order released by Brad
d. Cup dispenser –Milk dispenser deleted per Piada
e. Hand sink/Dump sink options being researched-2 Comp, freestanding unit available
f. Equipment delivered 5/3/13

4) Lindey’s
a. Remove deck oven and put in place Rotisserie-TBD
b. Waiting for Back Bar Remodel-Meeting on site 6/21/13 at 8am-Meeting completed, drawings, specs and pricing to follow
c. Upright charbroiler flu deflector drawing done cost to fabricate and install to follow

5) To Go Stations
a. Organize shelves for Chef approval-1 inch scale drawings of elevations in process for review, drawing given to Chef Jamie on 5/6/13-Invite sent on 5/29/13 to review demo at Silver Drive-Requesting response from Piada
b. Returning paper goods to King Ave soon

6) Piada product mix report needed for design/layout

7) Wood Stone new plancha formula testing ongoing. Upon completion of test, Piada to approve new unit via trip to factory or unit to ship to Columbus from factory-New unit to be shipped and tested in store of