Changes Of The Renaissance Dbq Essay

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Renaissance means rebirth. Europe can thank the rebirth of its education, science, and culture to the Renaissance era. The Renaissance era is often refered to as the “golden age” of Europe. It took place directly after the Medieval times, and lasted about three hundred years (1400-1700). During the Renaissance time period revolutionary advancements were made in art, science, and astronomy that changed the way man viewed man. During the Renaissance man's view of man was changed through art. The two paintings from Document A are a clear representation of man’s perception of other people changing. During the Middle ages art consisted of 2-D unrealistic figures that were supposed to be people, and all of that changed during the Renaissance period. People started to look like people, painted rooms started having vanishing point so that the allusion was made that you could step into the paintings, we began to see more defined landscapes and nature. Amid the renaissance, paintings made with emotion, life, and nature were predominant. Through the art created in the interim of this time period it can be seen that the view …show more content…
The drawings of the universe included in Document C are clear portrayals of changes made in man’s view of human’s place in the universe. Ptolemy was a astronomer who lived in the Middle Ages and created a theory of what the universe looks like called the geocentric universe. In the geocentric universe Earth is the center of the universe, and the sun along with all of the planets planets revolve around it. During the Renaissance, astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, created a heliocentric universe, generated primarily with the use of math. In his model the sun was the center of the universe. As a result of the Renaissance era, humans were no longer viewed as the center of the universe which encouraged people to see the world beyond