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Barack’s Obama “A More Perfect Union” was presented on March 18, 2008 in Philadelphia when Obama was running through a rough point on his campaign. The problem started when some discriminatory comments Reverend Wright said about White people where made public, its important to mention that Reverend Wright was the pastor of the church where Obama assisted many years. Seeing how these could affect his carrier, Obama gave this speech touching themes are commonly not talked about in American culture.

In my opinion, there’s still discrimination in United States. I understand its a difficult topic to address, but in some way African Americans steel feel discriminated. I had a problem in my dorm this summer and I went to a hearing with the Resident Advisor. He expressed how things where different for him, being an african america, and me being latin with American law. I was really shocked to hear this from him but I understood there is still discrimination against them and against all immigrants in here in the US. Talking about the topic can open people minds and make people more conscious about the way they’ve been behaving.

I’m going to talk about on the way Obama uses appeals to emphasize on the point he is trying to make you believe.

He chooses Pathos a lot, he tries to focus on his past and how this has affect the way African American react to it. He talks about his background, on how mis family raise him and how this made a great influence in his life. Also at the end he tries to use Pathos telling the story on how the the White girl and the African American old man made a perfect union by uniting on something that would create a better future for there future generations leaving sex, race and age behind.

a. Obama uses pathos when he addresses people reminding them where he comes from, and what he had to go through to be in the place he is right now.

Obama emphasizes on how things run different for African American or immigrants in America and how he believe things can change, because they been changing on the pasts years.

Obama uses ethos when he states things that make you believe