changing oil Essay

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1. Materials:
a. A Vehicle
b. Oil
c. Oil Tray
d. Dip Stick
e. Wrench to remove drain plug
f. Funnel
g. Latex Gloves
h. Jack or Ramps to lift vehicle
i. Replacement Drain Plug
j. Oil Filter
1. Look under your car for the drain plug
a. The drain plug is a large nut or plug located under the engine
2. Push a container under the oil drain plug
a. The container is for catching the oil as it pours out
3. Unscrew the drain plug
a. Protect your hand with a rag or paper towels, and be ready to move your hand out of the way.
4. Remove the cap from the oil filler hole at the top of your engine and unscrew the oil filter, using a wrench if you can’t do it by hand.
a. To unscrew the filter, twist counter clockwise. The filter will have oil in it, so be careful not to spill it when you remove it.
5. Empty the oil from the filter into drain pan
a. After the filter is empty, wrap it in a newspaper and set it aside to take to a recycling bin nearby.
6. Open a new bottle of oil and dip a finger in it.
a. Use the oil to moisten the gasket on the top of the new oil filter
7. Screw the new filter into the engine where the old one was.
a. Turn it gently by hand and then give another three-quarter turn after it is sealed
8. Wipe around the place where the oil drain plug goes
9. Replace the oil drain plug and use an adjustable wrench to tighten it
10. Use a funnel to pour all but 1 quart of the fresh oil into the filter hole
a. Pour slowly to allow the oil drain plug