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Chantell Roundtree
Ethical lens inventory results

I agree with my work culture results, the result matches with my considered work Ideal culture. My results was everything I expected it to be I want my work place to be safe, comfortable, well designed and to be high standard. In my career field I want my job to be a fun place to work secure, stable environment clearly defined jobs, goals, and expectations. No conflicting, friendly and supportive colleague’s cooperative and sharing atmosphere. I believe there’s a relationship between effective study habits and techniques and being successful in those work cultures. Study habits and techniques all part of note taking. It doesn’t matter how you capture the notes. Even if you never refer back to them, Taking notes is extremely helpful. The act of note taking not just about helping you remember information, one of the biggest benefits of not taking is the help it provide to your brain by sorting out what information is important and what information not, And the subsequent storage of important information in your memory for later retrieval. My ethical perspective was very surprising I agree with them totally, my value were equality equally basically this mean I see how protecting individual rights and the well- being of the community work together and check excesses in order to achieve the best outcome. Also I was impress with my strengths is balancing all four lenses self-knowledge, freewill, justice, and compassion.