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Persia and Greece

Week Three (August 22-26)
Day 1- Chapter 4 Quiz
Day 2Week Four (August 28-September 1)
Day 1 Chapter 5 Quiz--( SPICE ChartPersia and Classical Greece Due)
Day 2 –(SPICE Chart- Qin, Han, Roman
Republic, Roman Empire Due)
Week Five (September 6-9)
Day 1-Chapter 6 QuizDay 2-(SPICE Chart- Vedic Age, Mauryan and Gupta Due)

• S- Social
– Groups within society especially based on gender, or status • P- Political
– Who rules, why, military

• I- Interaction with the environment
– How did people effect the environment- Resources

• C- Culture
– Things that people develop- Inventions, advancements, arts, sciences, religion

• E- Economics
– What did people do to make a living- Labor, supply, demand, resources,

7 Important Periods
• Ancient Iran, 1000–30 b.c.e.
• Greek Archaic period 800–480 b.c.e.
• Persian Wars
– (Greece vs Persia)

• Classical Age of Greece 480–430 b.c.e.
– Athens on top

• Peloponnesian War (100 years of fighting) 431
BCE- 340 BCE
– Athens Vs Sparta

• Alexander the Great 336 b.c.e
– Macedonian but kicking

• Hellenistic Age 323–30 b.c.e.
– Spread of Greek (Hellenistic culture)

Ancient Iran, 1000–30 b.c.e.

Few natural resources
Great location for trade- Silk road
Medes overthrew Assyrians
Persians Intermarry with and overtake the Medians
Darius I.
Twenty provinces
– satrap
– Annual tribute
– well-maintained roads

• Susa-Political capital
• Persepolis cultural capital
• King –Aloof lawgivers
– Gave cultural and legal autonomy

• Zoroastrian

Greek Archaic period 800–480 bce

Few resources but great harbors
Pop growth- Urbanization (Polis)
City States fought
– Hoplites

Middle class develops
– Elites lose significance
– Popular tyrants rule
– Gives way to democracy and oligarchy



– Militaristic society

– Wealthy society – Democracy

Persian Wars

Persia vs Greece (2X)
First war- fought to a standstill