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In ancient Israel, judges were those who acted as temporary military leaders, as well as arbiters of disputes within and between tribes. Judges were also expected to remind the people of their responsibility to God


The denial of god and the repudiation of faith


Typically in the old testament an
Ephod was a vestment worn by hebrew priest; however in the example connected with Gideon, an ephod was likely an idol fashioned to worship as a false god Kingdom of Israel

The name of the northern kingdom that split with Judah after the death of Solomon. This revolt involved people and territory from ten to twelve tribes

Kingdom of Judah

The name of the southern kingdom after splitting of the monarchy. It included the territory originally belonging to just two of the twelve tribes, Judah and Benjamin

Lost tribes of Israel

The term refers to the ten tribes from the northern kingdom that disappeared from history after being enslaved and exiled by the

Servant Songs

The name for four distinct poems accredited to Second Isaiah that deal with a specific individual, “the servant”, whom God would use to usher in a glorious future


Meeting places for study and prayer introduced by the Pharisees to foster study of the Law and adherence to the covenant code


Descendants of a mixed population of Israelites who survived the
Assyrian deportations and various pagan settlers imported after the northern kingdom fell.They worshiped YHWH on Mt. Gerizim but only considered the